Presentations for School Counselors

Presentations for School Counselors

I love connecting other school counselors and presenting on a variety of topics about school counseling. Below is a list of topics I present for school counselors in either large group settings or smaller more interactive settings. I'm always adding on to this list so check back for more presentations.

Creating School Wide Connections between Teachers and Students
 Learn about why it is important for students to have an adult connection within the school building and how one middle school made teacher-student connections a priority through a school-wide connected program and other initiatives to promote positive teacher-student relationships. 

Local School Counseling Program Advocacy
Learn how to strategies to advocate for you school counseling while building relationships with stakeholders and maximizing your annual agreement and advisory council. 

 Using Technology in School Counseling
Learn about a variety of technology tools you can use while teaching core curriculum lessons, streamlining data collection, and promoting your school counseling program. 

Integrating Career Awareness in Counseling Lessons
Lessons in career awareness do not have to be limited to a separate career exploration lesson. Learn how to incorporate career awareness including employability skills into core curriculum and group lessons about academic and social/emotional topics as well. 

Confident Me: Implementing the Dove Self Esteem Project
. The Dove Self Esteem Project Confident Me program includes discussion, videos, and activities that explore influences on young people’s body image and self-esteem. Learn how to incorporate the lessons about appearance ideals that students face, critically thinking about the messages we receive from professional and social media, confronting how students compare themselves to peers and others, ways to banish body talk, and how they can be the change to share positive body image beyond the sessions. 

Reaching Higher in Middle School
Learn how to create a Reach Higher Week in a middle school utilizing post-secondary vocabulary, interactive post-secondary awareness opportunities, and more to promote opportunities after high school for middle school students. 

Using Data & Creating a Comprehensive Counseling Program
Learn how to build a comprehensive counseling program that is informed by data and creates a tiered proactive approach to supporting the success for all students. 

Harnessing Social Media to Promote your School Counseling Program
Learn how to use social media tools to promote your school counseling program to stakeholders.

Core Curriculum Lessons for Middle Schoolers
Learn about a variety of middle school core curriculum lesson ideas that cover a variety topics under the social/emotional, academic, and career domains. 


  1. Hi! I participated in the Reach Higher Webinar recently and decided to review your page.These are awesome resources! How do we access the PowerPoint Presentations listed?